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Monday, May 30, 2011

pooch promenade

Over the weekend we took part in the Pooch Promenade, a fundraiser for the Burlington Humane Society — what a fun event! Dogs of all shapes and sizes, and their people, came out to raise money for the shelter. I could have stayed all day and photographed every single pooch. Here's just a small sample of the cute faces that came out for the cause.
And of course, the cutest face of all — Chloe! I'm a little biased of course :)

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

tiki | burlington, ontario, pet photographer

This is itsy bitsy Tiki (short for Tequila) – isn't she cute?
Tiki is my first chihuahua client. I was a little nervous before this shoot because I've head from other  photographers that chihuahuas can sometimes be tricky to photograph. Not only are they teeny tiny, but they can be a little camera shy. As you can see, Tiki does not fit this stereotype at all! She's very affectionate and took to the camera right away.
The markings on Tiki's face are really pretty. And she has some really great expressions! She was smiling and hamming it up for the camera.
This spunky girl was adopted at 18-months-old from a family who could no longer care for her. She's now four and clearly in love with her new family.
It rained the entire week before our session. Luckily the sun made an appearance just in time for our meeting, and we had some nice foliage and purple flowers to work with.
 Thanks Rhonda for introducing me to your pint-size family member!

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

inside a dog's mind

This is Chloe last weekend. Isn't she happy? This was the only day of sunshine we've had in about two weeks - the weather has been just awful lately. If you're wondering what she could be smiling so big about, it's pretty basic. Nope, it's not a treat or the prospect of a belly rub. It's her slimy green tennis ball. Well, one of three or four that are usually scattered around our front yard. People in our neighbourhood may very well think they're living next to Andy Roddick.

I'm pretty sure if you could read Chloe's mind, it would go something like this: Are we going to play ball? Are we now? How about now? Are you going to throw it? How about now? Now? C'mon throw it! Do you have my ball? Where's my ball? Ball, ball, ball ...

happy chloe.

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Monday, May 9, 2011

dirty dog

It's official. We own the dirtiest dog in the neighbourhood according to the folks at Mutt Life! Chloe won the grand prize in the shop's Dirtiest Dog Photo Contest and gets free baths for a year! I'm not sure if I should be proud or embarrassed. We're actually really tickled that Chloe won — tails have been wagging at Happy Tails headquarters since we heard the news. And even though I think she could also win for cutest dog in the world, best pet on the planet or the smooshiest furbaby mcgoo ever, I had a feeling she had a good shot at taking top prize when we submitted this photo:
Yep, that's my girl. This was taken during one of our off-leash hikes in the fall. Chloe ran ahead and disappeared from view for a few moments. When we called her back she returned looking like a black lab from the neck down! She had found a bog. And not just any bog. The mud was like sticky tar and did it ever stink! Doesn't she look pleased with herself though? Chloe's already great day was elevated to Best. Day. Ever.

For the rest of our trek, hikers we passed would chuckle and gave us looks of pity. We hosed her down in the backyard as soon as we got home.
It's hard chasing a muddy dog with a hose though, and now we won't have to for a whole year! It's mess-free tub baths for our dirty pooch for the next 12 months.
Now Chloe will be the cleanest, best smelling dog in the neighbourhood! Thanks Mutt Life!

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Friday, May 6, 2011

fun fact

Did you know that each dog nose is unique? They are similar to our human fingerprints - no two dog noses are exactly alike. In fact, the Canadian Kennel Club has accepted nose prints as proof of identification since 1938.
 Happy weekend!


Sunday, May 1, 2011

a soggy strutt

We took part in the Oakville & Milton Humane Society's Mutt Strutt on the weekend - all the funds raised help homeless, abused and neglected animals. Mother Nature, however, was not on board. It was a soggy, booties kind of weather day.
It was nice to see people still come out despite the weather. And there was a short break in the rain early in the afternoon. Chloe was happy to be surrounded by four-legged friends. Aw, smiles!
And there were a few puppies! This little guy was only seven weeks old - so adorable.
There was also an agility demonstration. This border collie was clearly ball motivated, just like Chloe. 
Hopefully there was lots of money raised for such a good cause. We'll be back next year!

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